Coaxial IOL Explantation Set


IOL Expantation Forceps

Set consists of:


- Grasping Forceps, 1.2 mm

- IOL Scissors, 1.8 mm




Various Instruments


Krumeich LASIK suction fixation ring


- IVT Markers

- Krumeich LASIK Suction Ring

- Capsulorhexis Forceps for small incisions

- Phaco Choppers

- etc.


Instrument set For toric lenses

Marker for toric lens implantationInstrument Set consists of:


- Alignment Marker
- Degree Gauge
- Corneal Marker








lighter, more precise, less in price...











DSAEK Instrument set


DSAEK Spatulanew Instrument Set for DSAEK consists of:
- Glide Spatula
- Grasping Forceps
- Spatula for Descement's stripping
- Corneal Marker
- Hook
- Chamber Maintainer




Adjustable Pendulum Marker


adjustable pendulum marker

The adjustable Pendulum Marker was especially developed for marking axes on the cornea during surgical procedures to correct astigmatism, such as: The implantation of a toric posterior chamber IOL or a toric phakic IOL, LASIK, etc. With the Pendulum Marker you can preoperatively mark the cylinder axis on the cornea to ensure precise positioning of toric IOLs.

Optimal results –
simple application

When the markings on the cornea align exactly with the lines on the implanted IOL, an optimal refractive result of the surgical procedure is attained.